Update: Non Standard

Update: Non Standard product

Our Non Standard product exists to allow you to quote for legal work which falls outside of our usual list of products; allowing you to cater for your clients for ‘one-off’ or unusual cases.

We are pleased to announce we now have a dedicated supplier for all of our Non Standard cases, meaning you have a dedicated team looking after your client.

Fast Facts/Benefits

·        An option to cater for those ‘one-off’ or unusual cases.

·        Referral fee requested on a case-by-case basis.

·        A dedicated team at Kingsley Bond.

The Process

Once signed into your account and clicked on our Non Standard tab…

> Click  ‘Continue to Quote’

Here, simply complete the form to generate a referral.

> Once this has been created, click on ‘Refer’, and this will then send the referral to our supplier.

> Once received on their end, they will contact you if they require any further information.

> Case tracking will then be updated by a team member at Kingsley Bond.

Please note…

This product is exempt from the ‘no completion, no fee’ guarantee.

Should your client’s case be cancelled, abortive costs will be discussed with the client.

For any questions, please contact our team:

0333 456 1009