Industry conundrums… sorted with Sort Move: Earn more by doing less

According to Estate Agent Today’s article “Estate agent's earnings remain behind other salary and incentive-based professions”.

Disregarding commissions, why not make even more income by simply doing what you’re doing already?


At Sort Move, we’re here to offer a solution that not only streamlines your processes but also unlocks the potential for earning additional income through fair and transparent referral fees.


Our solution = Earn additional income through referrals via our Sort Move system...

By placing business our way, you can earn up to £300 per sale and another £300 per purchase case, plus earn other referral fees through our auxiliary products such as Surveys and EPCs.

Imagine how many sale cases you have per month, then times that by £300. How much does that earn you?

Now times that figure by x12 to show how much you can be earning in just one year of using our portal…

We bet the numbers are certainly worth your while!


Earn additional income for simply instructing your cases via our system, plus you can benefit from so much more like having a dedicated support team and additional services to better help support your firm.


Want to learn more about our Sort Move system and how you can start earning more money? Don’t hesitate to contact our team today on: 

T: 0333 456 1009



An industry conundrum… Sorted!