Industry conundrums… sorted with Sort Move: Delivering a faster start to your client’s conveyancing process.

On average, the conveyancing process is now taking roughly 20 weeks to complete (give or take). But why?


Looking at the start of the transaction, obtaining material information from sellers is partially the cause of delays.

According to a recent article on Estate Agent Today, estate agents are struggling to consistently provide comprehensive material information on listings which is leading to delays, misunderstandings and also fall-throughs. This conundrum not only affects the transparency of transactions but also the efficiency of the whole property market. And this is just the start of the transaction.


Fortunately, at Sort Move, we have a solution.

FastStart has been designed to ensure a smoother, faster conveyancing process from the start.


Our solution = FastStart Onboarding Digital portal

At Sort Move, our in-house team of developers have created an innovative onboarding portal designed with sellers and buyers in mind. The portal has all the necessary information fields for clients to complete, ready for the conveyancing process to begin. What’s even more beneficial is that our onboarding portal is recommended to be completed prior to a sale being agreed. This means, that once a seller has put their property on the market, they can fill in the online forms (this includes Digital Property Form, Digital Leasehold Form (if applicable) Digital Contents Form, Land Registry Title Retrieval, Biometric ID and AML checks), so they’re ready to go before a buyer has been found. 


Our FastStart onboarding portal benefits:

  • Eliminate lengthy paper-based forms
  • Sellers can look more ‘serious’ and good for potential buyers
  • Reduce time to legal exchange
  • Quicker pipeline turnaround
  • Support and guidance throughout the process from Sort Move team if required


An industry conundrum… Sorted!


If you want to learn more about the solutions we offer at Sort Move or have any questions relating to our system, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team today on: 

T: 0333 456 1009