Surveys/Valuations with Sort Move

When your client purchases a property, their chosen mortgage lender will carry out a basic valuation, either in person or via a desktop valuation to check they’re happy to lend the agreed mortgage figure on the property. Many buyers are potentially unaware of the limitations of this basic valuation and may benefit from a more thorough survey of the property before they commit.

What Surveys/Valuations do Sort Move offer?

·        Basic Valuation – Useful in various circumstances, for existing owners when they’re wanting to find out the value, or during the process of Probate for example.

·        Homebuyer Report/Level 2

·        Building Survey/Level 3

How do I know which Level of Survey my client needs?

We’ve pulled together a ‘Surveys Explained’ client facing document which details what is included in each different level of survey. You can download this from your ‘Agent Toolkit’ when logged in to your Sort Move account.

One of our suppliers, The Moving Portal also have a dedicated phone line for Sort Move Estate Agents to use for guidance and advice on the correct type of valuation. Please feel free to call on 01844 211090.

What can I earn in referral fees?

Earnings depend on the type of Survey chosen:

·        Basic Valuation – up to £100

·        Homebuyer Report/Level 2 – up to £150

·        Building Survey/Level 3 – up to £200


If you would like to discuss our Surveys/Valuations product in further detail, please contact our friendly team on:

0333 456 1009