It's a new year, and we have a new Fast-Start!

Our Fast-Start onboarding process is a bespoke Digital Onboarding product that lets your clients get 'Sale and Purchase ready' by completing their necessary Digital Property Forms.

 As soon as they decide to buy or sell, ensure you have happy and relaxed customers throughout the home-moving journey.

Fast-start has many benefits for you as an agent and for your client. These include:

  • Having 'serious' sellers ready with their Conveyancing will make it easier to have a buyer interested.
  • The Fast-Start process reduces the time to legal exchange – meaning quicker pipeline turnaround for you and quicker time to commission.
  • Having happy/informed customers knowing they've got one of their items ticked off the list.
  • A secure document upload facility sends essential items to the client's Conveyancer.

Benefits to your clients include:

  • Eliminate lengthy paper-based forms. Reduce paper/postage costs.
  • Clients who understand the importance of getting their Conveyancing sorted are more likely to be severe sellers and look good to prospective buyers.
  • A Quicker time to completion.
  • Support and guidance on the process – if required.


Late last year, our teams were busy improving our Fast-Start Digital Onboarding process to better your client's experience even more!

These upgrades include:

  • We have a new ID third-party provider: Hooyu

With Hooyu, your client's ID verification process couldn't be more straightforward and convenient with their innovative service.

  • There have been some changes to our Yoti Digital Signing function.

Your clients can digitally sign their documents within the Fast-Start portal instead of leaving their current webpage.

How to get started?

Getting started with Fast-Start is easy; if you're a Sort Move customer, follow the steps below.

  • Sign in to your Sort Move account.
  • Click 'QUOTE/REFER' in the left-hand side panel and select 'CONVEYANCING'.
  • Head to 'CONTINUE TO QUOTE' in the top right-hand corner and choose your product (Sale, Sale and Purchase or Purchase).

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If you have any questions about our digital onboarding process, contact a member of our friendly team today on:

Telephone: 0333 456 1009