Get your clients ‘Sale ready’ with our Standalone Fast-Start!

Standalone Fast-Start allows your client to complete all of their necessary legal paperwork, ID and AML in advance, meaning they’ll be good to go once they have found a buyer for their property.

Standalone Fast-Start includes - 

  • Client Questionnaire
  • Digital Property Forms
  • Digital Leasehold Form
  • Digital Contents Form
  • Land Registry Title retrieval (where registered)
  • Biometric ID and Digital AML Checks
  • Digital Signatures of all forms
  • Secure document upload/manager – you, as the Agent, can upload supporting documents and the client.
  • Eliminate lengthy paper-based forms.
  • Valuable time saved by reducing time to legal exchange by five weeks!
  • Ensures you have happy & relaxed customers.
  • Protocol forms can be passed on to ANY law firm. 
  • Agents can also use the HMLR Title docs to ensure they deal with all legal property owners.
  • You can use the protocol forms to assist with current and future ‘material information’ requirements (where relevant and applicable)


How much does it cost?

The process costs just £25 + VAT for a Freehold property (£30 + VAT Leasehold) and aims to cut weeks from the traditional process.

The process - 

If you’re already signed up to Sort Move, the process below will make sense. You’ll need to start by signing up for our FREE portal if you're new here. You can do this via our website; click the link below to get started - Sort Move.

  • Complete the quotation form for Standalone Fast-Start on your Sort Move account
  • Click 'Instruct'
  • Your client will receive a welcome email from Sort Move with a link to start their Fast-Start journey.
  • Once your client has completed their Fast-Start processes, the case will auto-complete the next day.


To attach a Conveyancing quotation…

  • Produce a Sale quotation – There is a question where you can attach any Fast-Start case that has been instructed from a drop-down list.
  • Instruct the Sale case with the attached Fast-Start case
  • The Supplier will be able to access the Fast-Start documents from the related case

To learn more about Sort Move and Standalone Fast-Start, check out our product video – Standalone Fast Start for Agents

Or, you can contact one of our friendly Home Move Advisors, who will be happy to help!     

0333 456 1009