Introducing Case Progression!

Here at Sort Move, we understand how frustrating it can be when communicating updates across multiple platforms. Our latest software for purchase cases allows the Estate Agent, Broker and Conveyancer to provide updates through just one platform, keeping all parties connected.


The Benefits of Case Progression Include:

✔ Connects all the parties in one place

✔ Cuts down the number of updates the law firm has to make

✔ You and the Mortgage Broker will receive the same updates at the same time

✔ Financial Service milestones are added – meaning you have more access to more information about the whole process


How will Case Progression work?

Our new Case Progression tool allows the Estate Agent to invite a Mortgage Broker working on the case to create a login to the case tracking system.

This means they'll be able to provide mortgage updates alongside the Conveyancing updates, providing more information on the whole case. This product will be attached to all Sort Move purchase cases.

Once you’ve signed up for your FREE Sort Move account and got familiar with how our portal works (You can contact our helpful team for guidance and a run through if you wish), you can start filling in your client’s case details to obtain quotations.

On your case tracking page, you’ll be able to ‘Invite a Mortgage Broker’ to the purchase case.

Once your Broker of choice fills in their details and accepts the case they’re invited to, both you and the Broker will be able to see case updates from the Conveyancer – Reducing any need to chase!

Important to note…

The Broker will need to update their financial milestones to ensure the case is kept up to date with the progress.

Both you and the Broker will now be able to see case updates from the Conveyancer, reducing any need to chase!

If you’d like to learn more about Case progression, watch our Product Video Here

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