Get quotes in under 30 seconds with Sort Move!

Are you a busy Estate Agent? Of course you are. So why waste time quoting when Sort Move can help you get your client’s quotes in under 30 seconds!

When you have multiple clients waiting for quotes on Conveyancing, EPCs, Surveys, etc, it can be challenging to juggle. Not only this, but you could be waiting hours to hear back, causing frustrated clients. How fantastic would it be if you could find a one-stop-shop that also provides quotes in under 30 seconds?


Sort Move can do just that for you. Check out an overview of our fantastic portal, including details on how to register, our agent toolkit, and more

Let's talk about Our Sort Move Portal.

Once you have registered up to Sort Move, Sort Move - Register. Once registered, you'll be welcomed into our Sort Move dashboard, where you can find the following..



This section will find all the Products & Services that Sort Move currently offers. You can click each product or service to learn more; this will lead you to quote, instructor or refer a case for your clients.

Our quoting system allows you to quote and present a downloadable PDF to your clients in under 30 seconds, and it is that quick and straightforward. Check out our quotation video. 

30 second desktop quoting video – watch here

Once on our Products & Services page, you can use our heart & dislike icons, helping you to order our Product list from your favourite to least favourite, making the process even quicker. If you're unsure about a product, click on the question mark to find a quick summary of the product group before clicking through to the main page.


Grow your community by inviting Staff members and tracking each case!

With Sort Move, you can also use the 'Invite a Staff Member' facility so that they too can submit business and generate additional income for your Firm. You can also view your Firm's pipeline income, grant staff privileges, and allow administrators to be copied into your emails.


Market-leading technology

Built by our in-house development team, our award-winning technology is designed to save you time and give you control over every transaction from start to finish. You can use Sort Move via desktop or mobile! Here's how our portal quoting works on mobile.

30 second mobile quoting video – watch here.


Our Suppliers

All of our suppliers are hand-picked. A complete list can be found on our portal. Our supplier list can easily be filtered to suit your needs. The 'View Supplier Information' button on our portal offers contact details, bio and other helpful information. Our supplier partners have high standards of client care, which have helped them achieve their status amongst the top conveyancing firms in the country.


We are here to help!

Here at Sort Move, we aim to keep you and your clients moving. We have also provided extra tools through our Agent Toolkit through our portal, such as...


White Label

Our White Label offering allows you to create a quoting function within your website, allowing your clients to get an instant quotation that links to your Sort Move account. You can choose which products you'd like to appear on your white label page and add your logo!


Client Facing Documents

You can download various unbranded client-facing documents that can be used to sell the benefits of using your recommended solution - be it Conveyancing, Survey or one of our other products - to your client.

If you'd like to start benefitting from everything mentioned above, develop your agency and create an incredible hub for you and your clients, speak to one of our friendly Home Move Advisers today to book a FREE demo. 



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