We have a new Starter, Deepika Sowbhagya!

We have a new Starter, Deepika Sowbhagya!

Deepika Sowbhagya has joined our IT team as a QA Analyst; we're excited to have Deepika onboard and her incredible knowledge.
It's also a privilege to have a female join on Technology team, creating a more diverse group.

As part of Deepika's welcome, we spent some time with her last week, getting to know her on a personal level. We discussed everything from her love of Korean Music to her professional goals and attracted her to Sort Move.


What is your new role at Sort Group?

I'm a QA Tester at Sort Group


Tell us about your previous experience; what did you do before Sort Group?

I was a Test Engineer at a globally recognised company within the payments industry. I have 3+ years of experience in manual testing on domine and window applications.


 What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

Previously I've worked on domine specific windows applications. So, I am looking forward to working on web applications and increasing my knowledge in various fields. I heard in Sort Group they use API, AWS etc., which are a plus.


What are your hobbies, and how did you get into them?

My hobbies are reading novels, watching movies or K-dramas when I have free time, cooking new recipes when I feel like eating delicious food, listening to Music, especially BTS. Around 2015, I was doing my bachelor's in computer science, and one of my friends recommended watching K-drama pass our free time in college, and that's how I got into K-drama and K-pop, which led me to BTS. (BTS are a k-pop boy band from South Korea)


What are your professional goals?

To gain more experience in Automation Testing.


What attracted you to Sort Group?

I always wanted to do something new and gain experience in web applications. After learning about Sort Group, it sounded like an excellent opportunity.


What's your most prized possession and why?

My Family. Because I love my family.


What's your favourite way to unwind?

Listening to Music, especially BTS songs. Most of the songs are in the Korean language but try reading the English lyrics, and you will get to know the depth of the Music. For starters, try BTS's - So What.


What's something an outsider wouldn't know about your industry?

The most crucial thing in IT is upgrading yourself as much as possible. Learning, innovations, and performance are the three essential values in any IT firm.


What is something that made you smile recently?

This same question got me smiling when I read for the first time.