A Day In The Life Of Samuel Dass

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Check out this Q&A with Samuel Dass, Web Developer here at Sort Group. This week we interviewed Sam, giving us an insight into the team and what it's like to work at Sort Group. Sam has also shared with us some exciting spoilers!

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What is your job title?

My Job title is Web Developer, and this is my first fundamental programming role. My previous roles have been more focused on analytical experience.


How long have you worked at Sort Group?

 I’ve been at SortGroup for over 2 Years. July will mark my 3rd anniversary.


Give us some examples of recent projects you have been working on?

I’ve worked on quite a lot of projects during my time here, most recently was the creation of 2 new products on our SortRefer Website. Standalone Lease Extensions and a more comprehensive Specialist Property Report product were added, both of which have received good feedback from our customers and have provided an additional income stream for SortRefer. It’s good to know that your hard work can contribute to the success of a business.


Can you describe your daily tasks to us? What does a day in your office look like?

My day to day can vary. When I’m not working on software development projects, I spend a lot of time providing internal/external application support, updates and any bug fixes for our systems. The supporting isn’t particularly the main aspect of my job, however, I enjoy helping people out when they need it. I believe having a strong support foundation is key to keeping a successful business running smoothly and I’ve made it my duty to ensure any problems I can solve are done so in an efficient manner. I understand that tech issues can be infuriating especially for non-technical minded people, so I always make an effort to ensure the problem is resolved in a smooth fashion and that the end-user is happy. In my head, I have the saying “If the user is happy, then I’m happy”. I have a passion for data analysis so I’m lucky that I also get to work on data-intensive reports to allow upper management to better understand our data and how we can use it.


What attracted you to Sort Group?

I wanted to have a more technical role and get my foot in the door in the Software Programming world.


What would you like to achieve in the next year?

I would like to continue to develop my programming skills, however, I would also like to marry these skills up with my data analysis. I believe data is becoming one of the biggest commodities in the world, and I’d like to take my programming skills in this direction to be able to create data visualisation tools that help both improve my knowledge of the business and be able to help progress SortGroup in a positive manner.


Tell us something not many people know about you?

I enjoy videos games and have my own YouTube channel where I upload the odd stream: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZpFhI7hXxyNYJQg4AY4aNA

I love boxing and I’ve taken part in 2 white-collar fights, I’m planning to fight again this summer.

Food is another passion of mine; both eating and cooking. I believe taking the time to cook your own food using good ingredients is key to living a healthy life both physically and mentally, so I spend a lot of time cooking and making up my own dishes.


Have you always wanted to work in Web Development?

I’ve always wanted to work with technology and improve my knowledge. I’ve had many technical roles, however, Web Development has proven to be the most enjoyable and challenging role I’ve experienced. My role at Sort Group has provided me with a lot of knowledge on how to improve myself as a programmer, it requires a lot of time, hard work and determination. Luckily, I have a great team who are full of valuable knowledge and they’re always there to guide me if ever I hit a roadblock on any development project.


What did you do before Sort Group?

Before Sort Group I contracted at Rolls Royce for just over 3 years working as a Quality Data Analyst for Submarine Safety Engineers and as a Project Analyst within the Customer-Facing Business Unit tracking project finances and budget overspending and reporting the findings to the Directors within the Nuclear Submarines sector. Prior to that, I’ve worked in IT support providing 1st and 2nd line support at Capita Plc.


Can you give us any spoilers? Does Sort Group have anything exciting coming soon?

We have a lot going on within the business right now which is exciting. We have a rebrand coming up for SortRefer and we have more products being included on our Sort Move system; it’s great to see the business moving in a positive forward direction.


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