Updates to Our Specialist Property and Process.

Specialist Property Reports are often necessary for both property purchasers and existing owners if further investigations are required at a property. Potential issues could be picked up in a Homebuyers Report or Building Survey with recommendations for investigations into one area.

This year we have made some changes to our reports, including instant quoting and an increase in your referral fee.

What’s The New Process –

Complete the quote form and view the quote results for the price of the report in question.

If you want to proceed with the quote, click ‘instruct’, fill in your customer’s details and submit.

The supplier will accept the case on our Sort Move system and liaise with your customer to book the report.

*Please note that there may be occasions where an instant price can’t be quoted for. In this instance, the instruction will go through as a referral instead of an instant Instruction, and the supplier will contact your client to discuss the price.

You can now benefit from the following:

• A large portfolio of reports, including timber & damp, electrical, Japanese knotweed etc

• Earn £50 referral fee per case

• A useful solution for areas of concern during the house sale/purchase process

• Great for continued maintenance and development of a property for existing owners

• Written reports are always provided, detailing any action necessary

• England/Wales coverage

The following report types are available:

Structural engineer’s full survey

Timber and damp

CCTV drain



Gas and central heating


Japanese Knotweed

Wall tie

Roof inspection


Mundic test 

*Please note this list isn’t exhaustive

If you’d like to find out more about our Specialist Property Report or other products, you can sign up to our Free to use portal or speak to a member of the team via:

0333 456 1009