Sort Move 2021 Round Up!

The year 2021 was a challenge; however, we achieved some fantastic things, had the opportunity to meet some great people and continued to help improve many businesses.

Although it was another pandemic year, we managed to battle through like many others and continue to work to the best of our ability. As we reflect, we wanted to share some of our most significant achievements of 2021 and a taster of what's to come in 2022!


At the start of 2021, as many others did, we felt the pressure of Covid-19 and its new variants, uncertainty was in the air, and we knew we would have challenges ahead of us. Our teams continued to work from home, and we were unsure if our planned events could take place etc.

As the year progressed and restrictions started to ease, we were pleased to welcome our teams back to the office on a rota basis and confirm our much-awaited events, meetings etc.

Of course, all the above come with a set of rules we needed to consider and its limitations. However, we pulled together and conquered.

Events 2021                                                      

Last year we were lucky to have attended some fantastic events, bringing in new business.

We attended the Fantastic EA Masters, both virtually and in person. We also participated in the Negotiator Conference Event, another brilliant day for team Sort Move.  

Awards 2021

Throughout 2021 we were nominated for several awards, making finalist position in the Negotiator Awards, Category: Supplier of the Year: Technology Apps, UK IT Industry Awards, Category: Development Team of the year and the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards.

 New Products 2021

In 2021 we also launched our onboarding process, Fast-Start!

Fast-Start provides an efficient way for sellers to become ‘Sale Ready’ as soon as they find a buyer, saving weeks in their Conveyancing journey. Our bespoke onboarding process has been a roaring success, giving us feedback like this:

“Five Stars Isn't Enough! As a huge advocate of improving the customer journey through both digitisation and communication, Sort Move was a no-brainer. Transparent and easy to use platform, the ability to offer the customer choice with no leg-work required for any party, seamless updates, a human being at the end of the 'phone who knows what they're talking about for each case? Amazing.
The ability to speed up and build a more secure transaction? Amazing.
Having dealt with many battery-cage conveyancers in the past and many traditional firms stuck in the dark ages and wanted to communicate via fax, Sort Move offers the perfect blend of technology and people to make the whole process better for everybody.
The customer comes first; however, running a self-employed estate agency partner model as I do, my agents are my next most significant priority. They also benefit the customer from a more secure, speedy transaction. If that wasn't enough, I can't thank Tom Gilbert enough - always at the end of a phone call or text to answer questions, offering excellent training to the team and generally a great sounding board for all things property.”

We also introduced ‘Sale Only’!

Sale Only’ has been explicitly designed for circumstances with no ‘related’ purchase. Each Sale is dealt with by a specialist ‘Sale Only’ team at our in-house law firm, Sort Legal. Not only is this a niche product partnered with our law firm, but it also offers better assurances for you and your client.


Business Growth

Throughout 2021, our Fast-Start onboarding process has continued to speed up completion time. Here are our stats compared to the previous year.

Using Fast-Start an average of – 11 weeks to complete

Without using Fast-Start, an average of – 15.5 weeks to complete

Purchase Cases an average of – 12 weeks to complete

This means throughout 2021; our product helped reduce the time to completion by 4.5 weeks!


A New Year – 2022

What a year it has been; we have enjoyed it all, even the challenges we have faced. Moving forward, we have some exciting products to launch, ones we know our agents and their customers will benefit from, including an update on our Specialist Property Reports, coming soon.

We have also kick-started nominations for Awards with the Property Reporter Awards 2022. This year, we hope to be named" The Best PropTech Company" of the year.  To do this, we need your help; each vote will help us take a step closer to our goal. If you believe we are worthy winners, you can vote via the below link.

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