Do You Know Sort Legal?

Did you know that Sort Move is part of a bigger picture?

Sort Move is part of the incredible Sort Group made up of Sort Move, SortRefer and Sort Legal.

Our group is made up of ex estate agents, ex brokers and ex-mortgage lender employees. Having this wealth of knowledge in house allows us to deal with any case handed to us.

As a group, we provide top quality customer service backed with real-life experience, creating the perfect hub for you and your clients.

Who are Sort Legal?

Sort Legal is our newest business venture and provides our in-house conveyancing. In 2020 the law firm opened a second office location in Cardiff and continued expanding the team. Sort Legal are heavily invested in recruitment and are committed to developing employees. Training is by Victoria Calladine, a fully qualified Conveyancer with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Sort Legal was created to provide quality legal services to clients wishing to buy, sell or remortgage their homes. Having Sort Legal at our fingertips means we can oversee your clients move from start to finish.

Here at Sort Move, we use Sort Legal as part of our specialist products, including ‘Sale Only’, where each sale is dealt with by our Sort Legal ‘Sale Only’ team, providing your clients with better workflows and efficiencies.

Sort Group understands the need for every part of the chain to work together to ensure that every transaction moves to smooth completions.


Sort Legal’s New Branding 

Sort Legal has created a new brand this year to complement Sort Move, morphing our group together. This new branding comes with a brand-new website that provides:

  • Team/Conveyancer information
  • News and regular updates
  • Product information
  • And valuable guides that can be shared with your clients.


If you’d like to learn more about Sort Legal, head over to the website and explore.

If you’d like to speak to a Sort Move or Sort Legal team member, get in touch via the detail below.

Sort Legal

T:0333 3231091

Sort Move

Telephone:0333 456 1009