1 Year at Sort Group - Amelia Clark & Jessica Butler

Today marks one year at Sort Move for Amelia Clark, Marketing and Communications Executive and Jessica Butler, Digital/Social Media Executive. As part of the celebration, we have pulled together a short blog summarising Amelia's and Jessica's first fun-packed year at Sort Group, including comments from Head of Marketing, Emma Brown. 

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Emma Brown - Head of Marketing

"A big congratulations to Amelia and Jess, who are celebrating their first anniversary here at Sort. 

They both started at a very busy, challenging, but pivotal time, in the middle of a pandemic world and following the announcement of the SDLT holiday. They were learning about the industry whilst juggling working from home/office, social distancing and getting to grips with not only one (but three brands!) They have both taken everything in their stride, have been keen to learn from day one and have truly settled into the team and the wider company. Amelia and Jess both work on individual projects and are very self-sufficient, driven and jump into each task with positivity. Working in Marketing, our job is to shout about everything for Sort Group, meaning we're typically behind the scenes. However, I wanted to make sure Jess and Amelia get the shout out they deserve. We've managed to achieve a lot in the last year for the business, and It wouldn't have been possible without both of them. A big well done, and thank you, let's see what the next year holds for the Three Marketeers!" 


Jessica Butler - Digital/Social Media Executive:

"It's hard to believe it's been a year, but here we are! 

Sort Group is a fantastic place to work with a brilliant team. I have felt completely supported this year, especially throughout the pandemic with home working and, of course, learning a new role.

Here at Sort Group, my role makes use of all things Digital, from my laptop to my mobile phone. It's my job to ensure our online presence is constantly updated, and we are promoting our products and services in the best possible way. My role allows me to get creative, whether through eye-catching Social Media Adverts or imaginative Content copy; I love this about my position. 

This year we have also been lucky enough to attend some events with the team. This has been a fantastic opportunity for us to connect,  gather market research and, of course, have some fun! 

Sort Group have made me feel extremely welcome, it's been an absolute pleasure, and it's nice to feel settled and content at work during these uncertain times. 

I can't wait to see what the future holds for my career at Sort Group and our fabulous marketing team."


Amelia Clark - Marketing and Communications Executive:

"I honestly can't believe how quickly this year has gone!

Since starting at Sort Group, everyone has been extremely lovely, welcoming and I feel like I have taken on a new, exciting opportunity in my marketing career.

Being the Marketing and Communications Executive, I get to use my creative and problem-solving skills every single day, and I absolutely love it! I work on email campaigns, company press releases, creating literature and also helping to organise the awards and events for all the brands.

No two days are the same, and our team are kept busy on various projects that all happen at the same time; we can work on a campaign for one brand in the morning and then move on to something else for another brand in the afternoon. I love the variety this job brings!

As well as creating marketing assets, I'm also involved in the Group's internal projects like our employee incentive: The Wheel of Sortune, our Staff Newsletter (to keep everyone updated across the Group) and being a member of our charity committee.

My top favourite project this year has got to be the planning, implementing, and branding of our new Sort Club (SortRefer's loyalty scheme) – which I've heard has been a huge 'hit' this year from our clients.

I'm excited to see where the next year me and our marketing team!"


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