Home Move Advisor Vs Estate Agent

Home Move Advisor Vs Estate Agent

Listing houses, liaising with numerous clients and connecting all parties are just some of your daily tasks as an Estate Agent.

But could your job be made easier? Could you manage your time better?

Here at Sort Move, we’re here to help keep you and your client moving.

We have spent the morning with our Home Move Advisor, Rebecca Sitch, talking through the frequently asked questions from Estate Agents to help you understand exactly what we do here and how we can help you and your clients.

Check them out below.


How will my client benefit from using Sort Move?


Sort Move was created by Estate Agents, which has helped provide the best possible service for the client. Everyone must be in the loop, and Sort Move ensures that case tracking is regularly updated to keep you and your client in the loop.

How will your technology speed up my client’s home moving journey?

Your clients can complete all forms electronically from the comfort of their home, so you can upload documents and get this sorted as soon as possible to get the ball rolling, leading to, on average, 3 weeks off the conveyancing process.

We are also on hand to help with any technical issues and ensure any issues are resolved promptly.

What is Fast-Start, and how will I benefit?

Fast-start has been designed to get sellers ‘sale ready’ to knock around 3-4 weeks off sales progression. This makes your property more attractive with having a faster turnaround.

We are also integrated with Land Reg to pull titles, and we have a document uploader for certificates and ID etc.

There is an industry-wide lack of information on the Conveyancing process. Can Sort Move help?

We are here to assist both agents and the clients with any queries they have. Home move advisors liaise with the solicitors to help answer any questions asap to make sure we look after our clients.

How do you connect all parties, and how will this benefit me?

Sort Move has a panel of solicitors available. The solicitors are also integrated with case tracking, enabling them to provide updates when working on your case and see when we need to chase for an update to get you the most recent information.

Buyers Protection? Will this apply to all buyers or just First-Time Buyers?

Buyers Protection is a policy available for ALL buyers. It is free and offers them peace of mind for certain up-front costs involved if it later falls through for reasons

beyond their control and valid for a year. But, again, this applies to all buyers.

Have you partnered with suppliers who will provide EPC’S and other specialist reports?

Sort Move has partnerships with Pinnacle for the specialist surveys, and very soon, we will be providing EPCS with a new collaboration coming soon!


If you'd like to hear more from our Home Move Advisors or you have any question, get in touch via our details below. 


Telephone: 0333 456 1009
Email: enquiries@sortmove.co.uk