Fast-Start FAQs

Fast-Start provides an efficient way for sellers to become ‘Sale Ready’ as soon as they find a buyer, saving weeks in their Conveyancing journey.

Our bespoke onboarding process allows a seller to securely manage and upload documents on our unique portal, connecting all the dots with all parties in the chain.

Our sale quotation will now include Fast-Start client onboarding as standard.

If your customer needs a traditional client journey instead, please select ‘no’ from the list when creating your quote.

To learn more, check out our FAQs below.

What is Fast-Start? 

Fast-Start is a bespoke onboarding process that allows sellers to become ‘sale ready’ by completing their Conveyancing paperwork and forms the moment they list their house on the market – before they have an offer. 


What does it include? 

The Fast-Start online portal includes: 

-Client Questionnaire 

-Property Information Form (TA6) 

-Leasehold Information Form (TA7) * if applicable 

-Fittings and Contents form (TA10) 

-Land Registry Title Retrieval (where registered) 

-Biometric ID and digital AML checks 

-Digital signatures of all forms 

-Secure document upload/manager – you as the Agent can upload supporting documents, as well as the client. 


How does it benefit me (as the Estate Agent)? 

-Having ‘serious’ sellers ready with their Conveyancing will make it easier when it comes to having a buyer interested. 

-The Fast-Start process reduces the time to legal exchange by an average of 3 weeks – meaning quicker pipeline turnaround for you and quicker time to commission. 

-Having happy/informed customers knowing they’ve got one of their items ticked off the list 


How does it benefit the client? 

-Eliminate lengthy paper-based forms. 

-Reduce paper/postage costs. 

-Clients who understand the importance of getting their Conveyancing sorted are more likely to be serious sellers and look good to prospective buyers. 

-Quicker time to completion – by an average of 3 weeks. 

-Support and guidance on the process – if required. 


How much does Fast-Start cost? 

Fast-Start is £25 + VAT for a freehold property and £30 + VAT for a leasehold property. The client pays the costs upfront. However, these costs are taken off the overall completion statement and will not be paid twice. As Fast-Start includes the fee for ID and AML checks, these costs are already included and will not be duplicated. This means the ID costs will not appear as additional line items on the Conveyancing quote as they have already been paid as part of Fast-Start. 


When should it be instructed? 

Fast-Start was designed to be instructed as soon as the client lists their house for Sale as it helps them prepare themselves for a buyer. However, if the client only instructs their Conveyancing once they have found a buyer, it can still be used. The online journey allows all documents to be pulled together in a seamless, secure portal. 


How long does Fast-Start take to complete? 

As Fast-Start is several online forms, the client can fill these in at their own pace. However, our average client turnaround is 48 hours. 


Will my client receive any support if they need help? 

We have a support team of Home Move Advisers. Whilst they can’t advise the client, they can guide and support as much as possible and point them in the right direction to find information to complete their forms. 


When is it not suitable to use Fast-Start? 

We understand that some clients are uncomfortable or unable to use an online journey. In these instances, ‘no’ can be selected on the quotation form, and a traditional client journey will be used by the Conveyancer instead. 

Suppose a client hasn’t got access to a Smartphone or tablet. The Fast-Start is an online process, and the Credas ID verification asks sellers to download an app for photo verification. 

If a client’s first language isn’t English. The Fast-Start forms are in English only. 

If you have any further questions, you can contact our Home Move advisors via the details shown below:

Telephone: 0333 456 1009