Introducing Daniel Lawrence, our new Regional Business Development Manager, here at Sort Move.

Introducing Daniel Lawrence, our new Regional Business Development Manager, here at Sort Move. 

From his foodie Instagram account to his knowledge of estate agency, join us as we get to know Daniel in our exclusive Q&A.

Why did you Join Sort Move/What made you want to Join Sort Move?

I met with Tom Gilbert the back end of 2019 for a coffee, and once Tom explained the nature of the company, the people, and the forward-thinking vision in place, it gave me a flavour of what it would be like to work for Sort Move. Further to our initial chat, we more recently had the opportunity to speak with Kevin Tunnicliffe, who backed up the brand’s plans. With the above in mind, the job role itself was a step forward in my career, and with Sort Move looking to blossom in 2021, I very much wanted to be a part of that journey.

What were your previous Job roles? 

My last three roles have included working as a field Sales Manager for an LPG company, an Area Sales Manager for small independent estate agents, and before that, I was a Branch Manager for Reeds Rains.

How did you get into Estate Agency? 

A guy I knew from the sixth form I was attending, was advertising a Sales Negotiator job on his Facebook page. I took the chance to meet for a conversation surrounding the role. This then led to my first experience in Estate Agency with Reeds Rains – its safe to say I immediately fell in love with the industry.

The corporate Estate Agency world provided me with a wealth of experiences and education. The reputable training programme on hand at LSL, lead to opportunities to become Valuations Manager and Branch Manager reasonably quickly as far as Estate Agency career paths go.

How did you find working for a corporate agent vs working for an independent agent? 

The corporate world provides more of a platform of what day-to-day should look like with regular updates on KPIs and expectations.

I enjoyed both experiences. I felt the ongoing training programme and pathways within the corporate world were hugely beneficial, but equally, the flexibility and openness to change within the independent world were just as attractive.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start work in the Estate Agent industry? 

To reiterate what Tom has already said in his welcome blog, 

“start in the corporate world, the training is second to none, and it will give you the tools to succeed, providing you have the self-drive and ambition to go with that said training.” 

Tell us something most people don’t know what you? 

I guess not completely common knowledge, but I was born in the Midlands, the same hospital as SortRefers very owns Paul Gregory!

Although I was born in the Midlands, I do however class myself as Welsh. I have lived in Wales most of my life. I also speak the language and love all things, Welsh. Cymru am Byth!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

A mixed bag! 

My favoured activity would most definitely be rugby (Union!). Having played since a young age, it has been the bread and butter for life. 

I am a BIG foodie, my partner and I run a food page on Instagram, flaunting our home-cooked meal and local eateries. 

(Feel free to have a nosey, the Instagram handle is @nibble.foodies). 

I also enjoy venturing out into the mountains of Snowdonia snapping away with my camera. 

Of course, we are somewhat restricted on what we can do in the current climate!

What are you currently looking forward to most about working in your new role?

The challenge. 

This role is something fresh with scope to make a mark for the Sort Move brand. The education element and learning something new is attractive as I always want to test myself.

What is your favourite food?

Oh, you’re pulling on my heartstrings here! 

I love most food in all truth, must be said I am a sucker for a decent slab of steak from the local farmer Huw at Pentrefelin and quite like a burger one would say.


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