Our doors will be closed for the day on Monday 9th August and here's why!

On Monday 9th August, Sort Move will be closing for the day and taking a short but well-deserved break; here's why.

2020/2021 has been a fantastic year for Sort Move. The business has reached new heights, and we now have over 25 new agents onboard.

Like most, Sort Move has seen many changes over the past 18 months, from adapting to the new 'normal' to a considerable increase in demand for our services.

Our team has continued to work incredibly hard throughout all these changes, putting in the extra hours and showing their dedication to Sort Group.

As a reward for all their hard work, we have rewarded all our staff members with a  Love2Shop voucher and an additional day’s holiday.

See below a message from our board - 

"Following a tough 18 months caused by the Pandemic, the conveyancing industry has been through a stressful time, with June seeing unprecedented levels of completions.  As a token of our appreciation for all of their hard work and to give our staff a bit of an extra breather, we are closing our offices on Monday 9th August to give them a slightly longer weekend.  Our offices will reopen as usual from 9 am on Tuesday 10th August.

We've tried to choose a day with the least possible impact on our business, and we're sure that you will understand why we have taken this decision to give our employees a well-deserved extra break.

Our team will be back, refreshed, and ready to help on Tuesday 10th August.”